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Franchise Investment Opportunities

Megacutz Franchise investment opportunities are available for both individuals and corporate investors interested in purchasing development agreements for one or more barbershops. Becoming an owner and operator of Megacutz franchises allows you to join the established Megacutz brand.

Grow with us in “Making a difference in Barbershops”

Within this site we detail the benefits of investing with us, give you a snapshot of franchise investment opportunities, elaborate on the support systems you can expect as a Megacutz Franchisee, and begin the ownership process with our online request for information.

This is the beginning of a great relationship.

Candidate Profile

Megacutz candidates must meet the following qualifications to be considered for a franchise opportunity:

  • The desire—and resources—to purchase a development opportunity of one or more Megacutz barbershops.
  • A passion for and dedication to operations excellence.
  • Clear understanding of the real estate development process particularly as it relates to the markets that they are developing.
  • The ability to create and manage an organization that effectively recruits, trains, retains, and motivates people.
  • Adequate capitalization to meet an aggressive development schedule.
  • The ability to deliver a superlative customer experience.
  • An understanding of the local "culture" and strong ties to the community.

Financial Requirements

Investing in a portfolio of Megacutz barbershop franchises requires the capital to cover an array of costs. We set minimum financial requirements of $150K liquid assets and $300K net worth for ownership of barbershop franchises to ensure that a potential franchisee's business is not undercapitalized or overleveraged.

Demographic, Site, and Lease Requirements

Choosing sites for your Megacutz Barbershop franchises is all about location. Our real estate and construction experts stand ready to assist as you identify and develop your barbershops' physical space.

Preferred Site Characteristics

  • Building Size: from 800 sq. ft & Up
  • Going Home Side
  • Freestanding, shared pad or end-cap located in mixed use "major tenant" community shopping center with national or regional tenants
  • High visibility
  • Easy ingress and egress
  • Parking: maximum allowed by city

Typical Lease Requirements

  • Lease Terms: Minimum 20 year lease term: (i.e., ten (10) year term, with two (2) five (5) year options to renew

Franchise Process

The path to owning Megacutz franchises is an exciting journey. We will work with you to complete the multi-phased process beginning with you submitting an online request for information.

Phase 1

  • Complete the online request for information.
  • You will be contacted by someone in our Franchise Licensing Department.
  • Receive and review Franchise Brochure and Application.
  • Complete and submit Application.
  • Receive and review Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).
  • Process Credit Check.
  • Process Criminal background check.
  • Provide proof of assets.

Phase 2

  • First interview
  • Due Diligence: discussions with existing franchisees.

Phase 3

  • Second interview
  • Present Business Plan to Franchise Licensing Department.

Phase 4

  • Franchisee approval.
  • Sign Store Development Agreement (SDA).
  • Attend Franchisee Orientation Meeting.
  • Begin Franchisee Training.
  • Approve site.
  • Secure financing.

Phase 5

  • Finalize lease/purchase.
  • Sign Franchise Agreement.
  • Begin Construction.
  • Begin Crew Training.
  • Open Barbershop.

Start the Process

Getting Started

Thank you for your interest in Megacutz. We look forward to working with you.

Here are a few things you should know before you begin the application process.

  • Please complete and submit the brief online request for information. You will then be contacted by our Franchise Licensing department to discuss your interest and your qualifications.
  • The next step is to provide a detailed application to begin the franchisee approval process. You will need to provide financial information regarding your net worth, liquid assets, previous experience, and answer some general questions.
  • If you are submitting an application with a partner, each member of the franchisee company will be required to submit an application.
  • Once you have completed and submitted the application, you will be contacted to schedule a face-to-face meeting.
  • You must be prepared to provide proof of liquid assets and net worth at first personal meeting.
  • The information provided by you on this application will be relied upon by us in our assessment of your qualifications as franchise candidate for the Megacutz system and will be a material inducement to us in the event we offer you a franchise or store development agreement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the initial investment for a franchise?

The estimated initial investment to establish a Megacutz Barbershop ranges from $150,000 to $300,000, which includes a franchise fee of $30,000. You can find more details on the initial investment in Item 7 of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

How much is the fee for continuing support services from Megacutz?

The continuing services, or “royalty” fee, is 5% of your Gross Sales. The fee entitles you to use the Megacutz trade name, and the associated service marks, access to operational systems, marketing assistance, ongoing business development, consulting and other benefits that come with being a part of the Megacutz Franchise System.

What are the qualifications that you look for in franchisees?

The following qualifications are essential in order to be considered a Megacutz franchisee:

  • The ability to build revenues through building and operating stores effectively.
  • A strong desire to succeed by building an organization that delivers exceptional customer service.
  • The ability to effectively recruit, train, motivate and retain people.
  • The ability to manage finances and keep controllables in line for maximum profitability.
  • A minimum of $150,000 liquid assets and $300,000 net worth

If I don’t meet the guidelines above, how can I qualify?

One way to potentially qualify is to consider a business partner; many of our franchisees are entities of two or more partners who together meet the qualifications.

Can I have (a) partner(s)?

Yes. They must meet all minimum qualifications and will be required to complete and submit an application.

Will I have a protective territory?

You will be granted a limited protected territory, exclusive of non-traditional outlets (such as hospitals, airports, etc.), for the term of the development agreement that will be delineated by streets, highways, zip codes, or natural or political boundaries that represent the selected location’s primary trade area.

Do I have to work in my barbershop?

Megacutz franchisees are expected to be actively involved in the operations of their barbershop, however, this does not mean you need to be the on-site manager.

Many of our franchisees personally manage their first barbershop and then work into a higher level management role as they open additional locations.

How much training is provided in the Megacutz system?

We understand that an essential key to success isn't just finding the right franchise owners, but providing them with the right support to grow their business. We provide a comprehensive training program that includes both classroom and on-the-job training that focuses on various aspects of your barbershop. You and your designated manager will be required to attend this initial training course prior to opening your barbershop. We provide this training to you as part of your Initial Franchise Fee.

Owner / Operator – 4 weeks of training

General Manager – 6 weeks of training

What form of business start-up assistance and ongoing support will I receive?

You will be provided with guidance to assist you with site selection, development, and construction prior to your barbershop opening. In addition, throughout the franchise term, we will provide operational assistance and guidance in various aspects of your Megacutz Barbershop. We will also loan you a copy of the Megacutz Operations Manual containing specification, standards and procedures.

How much money can I make?

The Federal Trade Commission has specific regulations that restrict any franchisor from projecting potential revenues for any franchisee. Your profit will be based on many variables including location, your ability to control operating costs, financing, occupancy costs and sales margins. We strongly encourage you to contact our existing franchisees during your due diligence period. A list of all franchisees is provided in our FDD.

How do I get a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)?

Once you have completed and submitted your application and prior to meeting a company representative, you will be given a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This disclosure process is mandated by Federal and state laws and is one of several steps within the approval process.

What is the term of the Megacutz Franchise Agreement?

The term of the Franchise Agreement is a 20-year term from the date the Franchise Agreement is signed.

What type of site criteria / demographics do you look for?

The prototype of our barbershop is from 900 sq. ft & up. Freestanding building in a mixed use, major tenant shopping enter in areas of above average income and positive population trends.

What areas of the country are available?

We currently have development opportunities in the entire United States as well as Puerto Rico and Canada.

How do I get started?

Complete the brief franchise inquiry and we will contact you to schedule a time for an initial conversation to answer any questions you may have and outline the next process steps.

Start the process

Developing Megacutz

A Winning Franchise Team

Megacutz has a team of experienced and dedicated franchising support professionals. From the moment you complete your online request for information to the day your franchise opens and beyond, a team of franchising experts are available to support you.

Support Teams

Megacutz franchising support team includes development, construction, operational support, training, and marketing. Each team member contributes specialized knowledge to help support your franchise.


Technology is essential to help franchisees operate more efficiently and cost effectively.

Corporate Operated Barbershops

A corporate operating division, which is constantly learning and enhancing barbershop operations and operating systems.

Support System

Training & Support Teams

Megacutz provides franchisees with a level of support that is among the best in the Barbershop industry. At both the field and corporate levels, we offer franchisees access to a wide range of experts, including business and operations professionals, development and construction managers, and training managers.

Megacutz has proven expertise in providing practical solutions for franchisees. We offer comprehensive assistance that ranges from support with site selection and development process to providing ongoing new product training. Our training and support teams deliver the information and tools that can help foster your business.

As a Megacutz franchisee, you will receive comprehensive information from company experts who stand ready to assist you. Megacutz field support experts include: Franchise Business Consultants, Development, Construction, and Field Marketing.

Site Development

Megacutz provides you with the tools and guidance to effectively navigate through the many challenges of site development. Our real estate and construction experts stand ready to assist as you identify and develop your barbershops.

Preferred Site Characteristics

  • Building Size: from 800 sq. ft & up
  • Going Home Side
  • Freestanding, shared pad or end-cap located in mixed use "major tenant" community shopping center with national or regional tenants
  • High visibility
  • Easy ingress and egress
  • Parking: maximum allowed by city

Technology can be used to help franchisees operate more efficiently and cost effectively. Here are a few examples of how Megacutz is utilizing the latest technologies.

Sophisticated Electronic Point of Sale System

The approved POS system includes terminals that enable barbershop operators to control operating costs and build customer loyalty, which has point-of-sale capabilities, back office support, enterprise reporting, and much more.

Online Document Order System

This secure password protected website allows franchisees to keep up with the latest operations and training materials, and much more.